The Beauty of Cape Cod


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Cape Cod Bay

The beauty of Cape Cod is overwhelming.  The first time I visited we were just a family of five:  Mom, Dad, and three girls, one who had just turned one year old.   Money was a little tight, but we wanted to take a family vacation.  We had a friend who ‘knew a guy’ and we were able to rent a little saltbox cottage, off the beaten path, in Wellfleet.   That suited us just fine, as with three children you don’t want the fast and furious of Hyannis or other crowded areas.   We spent our week in our little cottage, taking day trips and exploring the beaches.  Our biggest outing was a whale watch.   It was fabulous!

Fast forward 20 years.    It has taken us a long time to return, but it had made such an impression on us the first time around, we were determined to make it back.  This time, we were able to do quite a bit differently.   It was Memorial Day weekend, and we were able to find a GREAT deal on a rental of a large, privately owned home.   It was a gorgeous place, recently renovated and one of the oldest homes on the Cape. The type of home filled with New England charm.   Bonus:  it was big enough for all of us.   This time, we brought my girls again, as well as my son, spouses/significant others, and grandchildren.

Our home for that weekend looked out over the Bay, with the lawn sprawling directly down to the water.  We were able to watch the tides come in and out, which absolutely fascinated my grandsons.  They waited patiently in the morning, allowing the adults their first cup of coffee, before dragging us down to the water so they could look for crabs.  While they weren’t brave enough to pick them up themselves, they were thrilled when any of the adults did so.

There was a walking path from the property which wound its way along the water into the village of Wellfleet.   While I’m sure we could’ve found a suitable rental somewhere else on the Cape, we decided to go back to the unhurried and relaxing pace of Wellfleet.   If a shopping trip was needed, or more adventure was sought, we could always take a road trip.  We found the serenity of our house on the Bay worked just fine for us.

We took daily jaunts to the beaches on the Atlantic side, enjoying the water and sand, mostly within the Cape Cod National Seashore.   We took an excursion into Provincetown for a whale watch – an outing which I would highly recommend to anyone visiting the Cape.  You will enjoy yourself beyond measure and experience the beauty of the whales at sea.  It is as exciting for the adults as it is for the children.

I haven’t even mentioned the food, which is fabulous.  While we did do most of the cooking at the house, we did visit a couple of family-friendly restaurants during our visit. We went where the locals go – and enjoyed it tremendously.  Not just the food, but the hospitality as well.

I would highly recommend a visit to Cape Cod.   No matter what you like to do, where you like to stay, or what you like to eat – you’ll find it somewhere on Cape Cod.    Enjoy!

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