Internship in Slovakia

Last year, a good friend of my son had the opportunity to travel to Slovakia. This was an internship for her college degree.   Paige spent two weeks at a crisis center for abused women and children.

During that time, she was able to work with these victims, lending a helping hand.   This came through being available to speak with them, to let them know someone cared enough to listen and hold their hand.   It came through playing with the children, giving them happy memories rather than sad.  Sometimes, it came from crying with them, being there for them, offering hugs and encouragement.

It’s heartbreaking to know that statistics show 40% of women and children in Slovakia has suffered through some type of domestic abuse.    Paige told me she thought of this as a mission trip that fulfilled her internship need for college.   It was a wonderful experience for her, one she will remember her entire life.

While in Slovakia, the students did some sightseeing in their off time.   This included exploring Bratislava and its Presidential Palace.  It also included a jaunt into the Czech Republic, to visit Prague and its beautiful castle.

Blog - Prague

Colleges have come a long way in the past years.   Offering internships and studies abroad help students expand their views.   It gives them the chance of a lifetime to broaden their horizons.   It gives them an understanding of other cultures.   It is something I wish I had taken advantage of in my younger days.

If you have a student in college or are a student in college, go for it!   I’m certain you won’t regret it!

For more information on the Czech Republic, click here.




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