Hiking in the Adirondacks

In Upstate New York, you will find the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, located within the Adirondack Park.  While many experienced hikers are challenged to tackle one of the 46 High Peaks, there are some of us who prefer a much easier hike.

Bald Mountain, or officially Rondax Mountain, is just outside of Old Forge, NY.   It is a very popular hike for many visitors and natives of the area.   Old Forge is a tourist town and filled with activities year round.   In the warm summer months, it is a beehive for campers, hikers, and people who are just looking for a beautiful place to visit.   In winter months, it is brimming with skiers, snowmobilers, and others who enjoy the cold and snow.

Bald Mountain holds a special place in the heart of my family.   The postcard you see below is located at the base of the mountain, where you sign in.   This postcard is an old photo of my children’s grandparents when they lived atop the mountain.  In the early 50’s, he was a Firetower Ranger and she a wife/mother who – for a few years during the summer months – raised two girls in a one-room cabin on top of the mountain.


For years, members of my family would pack some water bottles and a light lunch. We would make the relatively easy trek up to the summit, which reaches 2350′.  Now, the kids are grown and on their own and scattered throughout the country.  However, we climb when we are in the area, and take newer generations up to view family history.

Bald Mountain is a great family hike, even for young children.  There are only a few spots where the path gets dicey.  As you climb, you will see breathtaking views of the Fulton Chain of Lakes, and be able to see for miles and miles in each direction.   Once at the peak, visitors are able to climb the fire tower for even more heart-stopping views.

The tower and mountain are no longer manned 24/7, but if you know where to look you can still see the remnants of a flower garden, planted and maintained by a woman who had the greenest thumb of anyone I ever knew.

Once you reach the top, you will see the splendor of nature.   Take several minutes and savor what’s around you.  After you catch your breath, take a walk around and discover some other secrets held at the top of Bald Mountain.    One of these is what my family calls Balance Rock.   Likely not the ‘official’ name of this area, it is a huge rock formation that appears ready to roll off the mountain.   Always a place to enjoy a perfect “Kodak moment”.

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So, grab your hiking boots and take a trip to Bald Mountain.  A novice hiker will find it an easy climb, and a more experienced hiker will consider it a nice little jaunt up the trail.   Regardless, everyone will enjoy the spectacular view from the top.  Enjoy!



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