SNAPSHOT: San Antonio, TX – The Riverwalk

When many people think of San Antonio, it’s The Alamo that first comes to mind.   The place of the epic battle between Mexican President Santa Anna and the defenders of the Alamo Mission, in modern-day San Antonio.   I will admit, when I came here, I naturally visited The Alamo, because – well, tourist!   It had to be done.

The Alamo

But what truly caught my attention and fascination was The Riverwalk.  My primary visit to the area was because my son was graduating from Air Force Basic Training.  Once graduation is complete, you have a few days to explore the area.   As this was my first time in the area, we chose the easiest and most obvious tourist attractions:  the San Antonio Zoo, the Alamo, and the Riverwalk.  All of these are highly recommended by the AF Base as suitable for a day’s outings.

Riverwalk 2

If you have never visited The Riverwalk, you will be spellbound by its beauty and cleverness.  In my mind, I like to envision it as America’s version of Venice, Italy.   The Riverwalk is one story underneath the streets of San Antonio, with walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River.   You can stroll underneath the city for miles along walkways that hold any manner of shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, and other attractions.   You will come upon street performers just as you would in any other major city.   The difference:   no automobile traffic.  If you prefer not to walk along the banks, you can take in the sights utilizing the water taxi.   We literally rambled for hours, just enjoying everything, ending up at the Rivercenter Mall.   Here we did a bit of shopping and then went down the opposite side of the Riverwalk, stopping to have dinner along the way.

Rivercenter Mall

We enjoyed our visit so thoroughly the first day, we went back for a second day just to experience it once again.    If you will be traveling to San Antonio, this is a definite ‘go to” place.    I look forward to returning and staying in one of the hotels, with direct access to The Riverwalk.   No need for a car to explore!


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