SNAPSHOT: Savannah, GA

I first visited the charming city of Savannah with my group of Girl Scouts.  Our main purpose was to visit the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, founder and first president of the Girl Guides, which would become Girls Scouts of the USA.


Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace is a house museum in a prominent section of Savannah.  It is owned and operated by Girl Scouts of the USA and is host to thousands of visitors each year.   The tour is a study of not only the history of the beloved woman known as Daisy but also a tour of a stunning mansion that you can literally feel was a great home.   In the courtyard, you find peace and beauty in the middle of a thriving city.

Savannah is the epitome of old world charm and Southern hospitality.   It is the oldest city in Georgia.  Be sure to take the time to visit any number of parks and squares situated within the area.  Forsyth Park was a favorite of ours.  The Forsyth Park Fountain is a fabulous sight to see and is modeled to resemble the Great Fountain in Paris.


As our visit there took place in October and Savannah is known as “America’s Most Haunted City”.  It was a requirement to take a Ghost Tour.  We opted to take the walking tour which took place in the dark of night, ending at the witching hour of midnight.  As far as the ambiance was concerned, there couldn’t have been a better tour!  Did we see ghosts, you might ask?   Well, you’ll have to take one yourself, and make your own decision!

ghost tour

There is so much more to Savannah that I have yet to see, and I can’t wait to return!


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