SNAPSHOT: New York City at Christmas

There are few things more exciting than visiting the largest city in the United States and seeing the wonder of Christmas displayed all throughout the streets, venues, restaurants, and various other attractions.


While many places begin with decorations shortly after Halloween, the true beginning of the holiday season in New York takes place on Thanksgiving Day.   Unless you have led an extremely sheltered life, you have at one point or another witnessed the splendor that is the iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.   I remember spending hours each Thanksgiving morning, watching the huge balloons, floats and marching bands make their way from Central Park down 6th Ave. to 42nd Street and ending in front of the flagship Macy’s store on 34th Street.   Of course, the highlight was seeing Santa in his sleigh, gliding down the parade route bringing thrills to children of all ages.

Rockefeller ice skating

Once Thanksgiving is over, the spirit of Christmas invades the City.   There is the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center.  This is always a sight to see, even if it’s only from your television screen.  Among many other things to do, ice skating is available for those who wish the experience of skating under the lights of the enormous Christmas tree.

Another excursion for many is visiting Radio City Music Hall during the holiday season.  The experience of seeing the world famous Rockettes perform their annual Christmas Spectacular is second to none.   The lineup and performance may change each year, but the feeling of being a part of this annual tradition is something you won’t soon forget.

We can’t leave out the enchantment of window shopping as you walk the streets and avenues of New York.  The stores dress their window displays with fabulous decorations that are an experience unto themselves.   You will also find several holiday markets in various parts of the City, for your shopping pleasure.


Head to New York City during the magical holiday season, and let the spirit of Chrismas descend upon you.


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