SNAPSHOT: Biloxi, MS – Beauvoir

Here is a history question for you – who knows the significance of the name Jefferson Davis?

The first time I visited the Biloxi area many years ago, my high school history lessons failed me.   While driving along Highway 90, I passed this beautiful antebellum mansion named Beauvoir, and innocently asked what it was.   As a ‘Yankee’ in the South, asking that question, I was looked upon with total disdain.   Beauvoir, I was informed, is the last home of Jefferson Davis –  the one and only President of the Confederate States.

Beauvoir 2

Needless to say, my education in Civil War history was questioned and I was ‘schooled’ on what was deemed very important information, which admittedly I should have known.   This led me to my first visit to Beauvoir.

Beauvoir is an absolute gem of Southern charm.  Take a tour of the grounds, walk through the mansion, visit the museum and the Presidential Library – also known as Beauvoir Institute.  Their mission is to  “ensure that the Beauvoir campus continues her mission to educate the world on the history of the Southern States of America”.   The tour guides are extremely knowledgeable in their history, and you will learn a great deal as they walk you through the property.    When you’re finished, be sure to relax a bit on the front porch and enjoy the fabulous view.

Beauvoir also has many special events on site throughout the year.   There are trader village markets, battle reenactments, and much more.

A local favorite is Christmas at Beauvoir where you can see the beautiful, and famous, live oak trees come alive with Christmas lights, have hot chocolate and cookies,  listen to Christmas carols, and perhaps even be lucky enough to see Santa, in all his splendor of the holiday season.

If you so choose,  have a private event – such as a wedding – on the grounds of this beautiful manor home.

From that first visit to Biloxi, I have been back to Beauvoir several times.  Each time I see and learn something new.   So, take a moment and step back in time.  Visit this lovely monument to the South!


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