SNAPSHOT: Biloxi, MS – Christmas time

For those that may not be familiar with Biloxi, MS – it sits on the Southern Coast of state of Mississippi, right on the waters of the Mississippi Sound / Gulf of Mexico.   Here you find some of the most stunning sunsets and sunrises you can imagine.

2015-12-04 17.31.18

Walking on the beach is fabulous at any time.   In the dead of summer, when temperatures rise dramatically and you are immersed in ‘air you can wear’, you may not want to walk barefoot on the beach in the middle of the day.  You will likely burn your feet.  But the scenery is stunning.   At any given time, you may see a shrimp boat in the sound, trolling for the fresh catch of the day.  Other times, maybe it’s a container ship, heading for the port.  Some days all you’ll see on the horizon is nature’s beauty.

Now, you may not think you can feel the spirit of Christmas and the holiday season in such a temperate climate.  You’d be incorrect.   The area has many events and functions to get everyone in the holiday spirit.   One such event is called Christmas on the Water.  The event showcases many shrimp and sailing vessels, decorated for the season with lights, garland and all manner of clever ideas.   Normally held the first weekend in December, it’s truly a spectacular event to watch from land.

There are also many casinos along the Coast.   All have holiday shows and fabulous decorations.   You can make a day of ‘casino hopping’.  Not in the normal sense of visiting them to utilize their gambling floors, but to view the breathtaking and inventive decorations.

Of course, if you want to spend time on the gaming floor while taking in the scenery, no one will object.   Or maybe have a bite to eat at one of the restaurants.  The Mississippi Gulf Coast is renowned for their food and hospitality and no matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong.

The area is proof you don’t need snow, wind or cold to enjoy brilliant decorating for the holidays.   So come visit, and enjoy all the Coast has to offer!


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