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The first time I visited the West Coast was on business to Seattle many years ago.  There was not much time for playing tourist, but the limited amount I was able to see while driving from place to place was stunning.  I decided another trip was in order, but when I returned most recently it […]

I first visited the charming city of Savannah with my group of Girl Scouts.  Our main purpose was to visit the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, founder and first president of the Girl Guides, which would become Girls Scouts of the USA. Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace is a house museum in a prominent section of Savannah.  […]

So, you’ve decided you want to get away for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, but are unsure where to go. Perhaps this may give you some ideas, courtesy of Tripp Savvy!    Enjoy! Top 10 Thanksgiving Vacation Rental Destinations  

Came upon this article on Short Weeks – Long Weekends.    As this mansion is not overly far from where I grew up, it was quite an interesting read.   I hope you enjoy! A Ghostly Stay Awaits You at Knox Mansion Stay safe this Halloween!  Trick or Treat! #

I have to admit before the movie “Mystic Pizza” came onto the scene, I had never contemplated visiting Mystic, CT.    For those that don’t know, or may never have seen the movie, this is one of the first appearances of Julia Roberts.   While I’m not certain the movie ever was a huge box office smash, […]

When many people think of San Antonio, it’s The Alamo that first comes to mind.   The place of the epic battle between Mexican President Santa Anna and the defenders of the Alamo Mission, in modern-day San Antonio.   I will admit, when I came here, I naturally visited The Alamo, because – well, tourist!   It had […]